Reviewing Art

I read a lot of art exhibition reviews and art reviews in art publications, the cultural sections of newspapers, exhibition catalogues, books and online within a variety of websites.  They differ greatly in style, from academic to chatty and the ones I personally prefer are somewhere in between although the very academic style does challenge me to broaden my knowledge, which is no bad thing.

As an art student we are encouraged to critically analyse our own and our peers’ work, as well as visit exhibitions and take as much from them as we can.  I enjoy writing, I even signed up for a distance learning course many years ago and it was whilst doing that I realised it was the research and analytical style writing that I enjoyed but with the freedom to also include descriptive narrative.  During my time as a Fine Art student I have found that there is a place for exactly that style of writing.

I approached Birmingham based artists Repeator during their residency with Office for Art Design & Technology and asked if I could volunteer and participate in their four day event in April and write a review.  This has been a magnificent opportunity for me in

learning more about the work of Cathy Wade and Laurence Price of Repeator and see behind the scenes of setting up for a public event outside of the traditional white walls of a gallery.  All the artists’ involved and my course leader have supported and encouraged me to strengthen my thinking and writing and remained patient with my numerous edits!

My reflective review on the Repeator:Transmission event can be read on the a_n artist information website: