I live in Warwickshire not far from many places, Stratford upon Avon, Leamington Spa, Coventry, Birmingham, Oxford.  As well as responding visually to subjects that trigger a reaction in me I also enjoy writing and working collaboratively with other artists and writers.  I am currently studying for my Fine Art & Contemporary Cultures Degree at Warwickshire College and have just completed my 2nd year and looking forward to my 3rd and final year!  Prior to becoming a full-time artist I have worked as a Director of a Data Management Company as well as spending time within the Hospitality Industry and the Care Industry.

I am the co-founder of a new Artists’ Collective initiative in Leamington Spa.  Along with Jess Brown and our ever-growing members we hope to bring peer to peer support, collaborative projects, exhibitions, individual projects and involve and enhance the local community.  We are also keen to work with artists from other areas.  We can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under The Shared Collective.

 I am inspired and driven by the relationship between people and social media platforms and the impact of social media on today’s society both locally and globally. In particular the layers of deception which become buried, dug-up and regurgitated via algorithms.

 From the negative self-analysis resulting from the perfect worlds we are subjected to on a daily basis,  to the mass control of the general public by politicians and corporations.  These observations make me consider if anything is actually real anymore?  Are our decisions made through our own individual thought processes or are they made from misinformation and prolific and subliminal messages?

 Social media has its positives but are they enough for us to accept them at the expense of physical human interaction and mental well-being?

I explore this and react to it visually through the use of still and moving images.  Using photography, drawing and digital manipulation as well as the manipulation of “borrowed” images I use a variety of computer software programmes to achieve my final video.  My use of projection of this media into a reconstructed space also forms part of the context of my work.  Combining materiality and immateriality along with sound to achieve an immersive experience within which the viewer can feel a part of the art work rather than just as an onlooker.

This blog is dedicated to my written observations but my visual art practice can be followed on http://www.hmnelson.com