Radio Interview

I know it isn’t Monday but I want to share what I did this morning as it was a very new experience for me, and, well, I’m a teensy weensy bit excited about it!

I was invited to be interviewed on a local radio station and not being one to shy away from new experiences I was excited to be asked.  Olli and Si of Touch FM Radio were interviewing me about my experience of being a ‘mature student’, which was great as I listen to them most mornings as I’m travelling to the studio.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, not being up-to-date with modern radio.  In my mind I was imagining a 1980’s radio studio with big microphones, headphones and lots of equipment within a sealed room!  On top of that, after initially thinking it was live I then, for some reason, decided it wasn’t going to be live ….. it WAS live!
No sealed room, no headphones, no large microphones.  Just two lovely guys sat in the ‘pod’ at Warwickshire College with a smartphone and a really cute microphone sock thingymajig.  They made me feel really comfortable while we chatted off air.  Here is my recording of the broadcast as I can’t work out how to access it on the Touch FM website – I am having a technological brain freeze …..

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