Why an art blog?

When you are passionate about something it consumes you and art consumes me.  If I’m not making art I’m reading about it, going to exhibitions, talking about it, thinking about it.  I can’t imagine a world without art – or cats (my other obsession).


I have zero clue about blogging though and that is something I shall learn about as I go and by looking at other bloggers and bloggers who blog about blogging.  Isn’t it funny how when you repeat a word it takes on an identity of its own? BLOG, BLOGGERS, BLOGGING – BLOG BLOG BLOG, it makes me stop and think about how the word actually sounds and feels……..  I digress.  I found this blog really good https://cristianmihai.net/

I use art as a means to explore and express subjects that light a fire in my brain.  Human psychology fascinates me, why do people act how they do?  How does environment impact on the human psyche?  What is society?  What is community?  These are just a few of the thoughts that jumble around my brain on a daily basis.  I am amazed by technology but not blinded by it.  I am old enough to feel nostalgia for a time pre-internet.  A time when the pace was slower but also a time which had its own problems.  As we solve one problem so another takes its place – or should I say challenges?

So, I think this blog will be a mix of my thoughts, observations and how that influences my art practice.  It will also be an insider account of the final year of a Fine Art degree come September and my continuing professional art practice.  I am already thinking about my dissertation!

A few tips I have picked up about blogging are a) have a schedule b) ask questions  c) don’t waffle on for too long (hmmm, may have to work harder on that one).  Choosing a day of the week where I can safely say, ‘yep, that’s blog publishing day’ is a hard one as no two weeks are the same but for now I shall opt for a Monday, just once a week for now – maybe?

Do you have a passion for art?  I’m always up for conversations with fellow art lovers, whether you are an artist or just someone who likes looking at art.  Is there something currently happening within the art world that really ‘gets your goat’?  Let’s talk about it!


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